And Ye Shall Receive

Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment. All employees wear a company uniform with their credentials readily available. We drive company vehicles with the Environmental Coalition Incorporated logo prominently displayed.
Yes, our firm is fully licensed. Environmental Coalition Incorporated holds all the required and necessary licenses for a pest management organization and have the maximum amount of insurance provided by our A+ rated insurance company.
Yes. All field employees and several administrative team members are licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). In fact, the majority of our licensed employees are Certified Applicators, which is the highest designation the Texas Department of Agriculture can award a pest professional - even higher than Technician and Apprentice. This is not the norm for our industry, but an organization is only as good as its weakest link - and we do not want any weak links in our chain.
Environmental Coalition Incorporated currently services Fort Bend County, which includes, but is not limited to Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford and Katy. If you are not sure if we service your area, please contact us and we will let you know. Residential customers usually include mid to higher end dwellings and families concerned with volatile spray pesticides inside their homes. Because we do not spray pesticides in any property we service (commercial or residential), our fees tend to be a little higher than those pest management professionals that walk around with a spray can in tow. Our treatments are very effective and designed with the safety of the homeowner and his/her family in mind.
Environmental Coalition Incorporated services more Class A office buildings in the city of Houston than any other pest management service provider. We service the majority of LEED EB O&M certified properties in the city as well as 8 out of 10 of the tallest buildings in the Houston market. Of course, we service some of the smallest buildings as well - some less than 500 square feet! Medical facilities, warehouse and flex spaces, retail, industrial complexes, suburban office parks and campuses, oil and gas refineries and Class A, B and C buildings are all serviced expertly by Environmental Coalition Incorporated. Over 200 million square feet of properties and counting.
Environmental Coalition Incorporated holds safety in the highest regard. In fact, many of our clients were introduced to us because of our impeccable safety record. Our EMR is below a 1.0, our TRIR is under a 3.0 and we have not had a recordable incident in many, many years. Our team receives safety and occupational training from several recognized entities as well as in-house training. New-hires typically undergo three to four months worth of on-the-job-training and direct supervision before being allowed to fulfill a route by themselves.
Absolutely. Not only do we perform a background check on all team members prior to them starting work with us, but we also mandate a drug and alcohol test as well. Team members are re-screened for background information once every two years, while drug and alcohol testing is scheduled annually in addition to random screenings throughout the year.
Environmental Coalition Incorporated is designated as a HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) by the state of Texas and is woman-owned.
There is no such thing as "safe" pest control. Pest management firms use toxic materials to kill or eliminate pests. Just because we may use a substance that is considered least-toxic, this does not equate to non-toxic. It still takes a specialized hand to apply those substances and we do so in the safest manner possible. Our founders decided long ago, that we would eliminate volatile pesticides from interior spaces by restricting our team members from using spray pesticides indoors. Frankly, this was self serving as we would like to live long and healthy lives - just like our customers.
Of course we do! We rarely charge for it and almost always bring a little something to give away. A word of caution though - make sure to let us know how much time we have, or we may take up your entire meeting talking about pests. (Trust us. It happens.)
In all honesty, this was a business decision that has helped us grow, but not at breakneck speeds. There is nothing worse than promising the world to a customer and then not being able to deliver on that promise. Unless a company like ours is fully prepared to take on an entire city (staff, equipment, and a whole host of behind the scenes stuff), they need to move into another realm, like residential at a slower pace. Sure, we would love to offer EVERYONE awesome customer service and effective pest management methods, but we would ultimately let someone, if not many down. Working with our commercial customers has taught us many things, including the importance of focusing on doing things right. Starting out in an area like Fort Bend and limiting our residential services to that area is right.
It is absolutely true. Most of the bees we find are migratory bees, meaning they are simply moving from one area to another. The Queen Bee leads the colony on their journey and when she is tired, she will find a spot to rest. Often, this spot is on a tree limb or trunk, on signage, the side of a house or building, under an awning or other sheltered area. The worker bees will form a protective mass around her that will look an awful lot like a bee hive, but instead of it being made of hive material, it is just a bunch of bees. This can be frightening, but more often than not, the bees are tired from their trek and they little interest in humans or pets. The mass may be in the same spot for a few hours or a few days. Our team is trained in Queening a mass of bees, which essentially means reaching into the mass, pulling out the queen and relocating her and her colony to another area that is not in direct line of people or pets.