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Preventative Pest Control Houston

Most pest control companies start out in the residential services field, but Environmental Coalition Incorporated (ECI) is different. The founders of ECI started out in the commercial market, servicing office buildings in the 1980's. It's decades later and we are a well-established company that property management professionals have come to rely on for their preventative pest control and pest management needs.

We offer established plans (programs) for commercial clients that include retail spaces, medical buildings, flex offices, warehouse facilities, industrial structures and refinery complexes.

Our Technicians Are Flexible!
Full-time, half-time, and on-site service options are available for refineries and large campus locations.

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The Original Preventative Pest Control Professionals

When it comes to removing bats and other pests, property management professionals rely on Environmental Coalition Incorporated for preventative pest control and pest management.

  • Dedicated Team of Professionals
  • Excellent Response Times
  • Generous Warranties
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of LEED PROGRAMS
  • Highly Effective Service
  • Non-Volatile Treatment Methods
  • Impressive Safety Record
  • Unmatched Customer Service


Environmental Coalition Incorporated uses safer alternatives to control pests in the buildings we service and have for over 25 years. You, your team members and your building occupants can breathe easy knowing that we will use the most effective means possible to control control pests without the use of spray or liquid pesticides.


Clients looking for LEED certification for New Construction (LEED NC) or Core & Shell (LEED CS) or those seeking LEED EB O&M (Existing Building Operations & Maintenance) certification or re-certification should review our track record: over 75% of Houston-area LEED EB O&M  certified properties utilize our pest control services. Our team has worked with some of the most respected LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP's) in the nation and have been able to secure more than 90% of pest management credits pursued. There is no other pest management firm that has worked on as many Houston-based LEED projects as we have.


Clients Served

  Class A, B and C Office Buildings and Building Campuses
  Flex Space, Warehouse Facilities and Retail Shopping Centers
  Oil and Gas Refineries and Chemical Plants
  High Security Facilities and Safety Conscious Complexes
  Medical Office Buildings, Hospitals, Emergency Rooms

Key Benefits

  Annual installations, quarterly inspections and exterior treatments included
  Wide variety of pests serviced without any additional charge or fee
  Consultations with tenants, management teams and engineers included
  Sanitation and pest audits for food services within office buildings available
  One of the best safety records in the industry with an EMR rating below 1.0

ECI Preventative Pest Control in Houston